Benchmark Workshop

Every day we work with intranet managers who share their experiences, insights and opinions with us. Our wish is to provide all clients with the same level of  understanding - and we believe that our Benchmark Workshop is the perfect forum to do so.

With best practice sharing from peers and numbers from WPI to show what is and isn’t working, our ambition is to leverage your Digital Workplace into becoming a high-performing self-service platform with the benefits of unified communications, operational efficiency and higher employee engagement.

Through WPI, our aim is to answer the fundamental questions of how well you are performing compared to others, and how you can improve. Our insights are conducted based on +10 years’ experience working with performance measurement of intranets. 

Intranet performance- example

  1. No. Employees (total, active in period) 
  2. No. Pages and documents (total, created, deleted, modified) 
  3. Intranet reach % (employees visiting front-page out of total) 
  4. Pages and documents activity (% visited by +1, % visited by +10, % visited by +100)  
  5. User frequency (avg. pages and docs visited per employee excl. frontpage) 
  6. Pages and documents visited (Avg. per employee, country, function)
  7. Freshness score % (content updated, visited and with ownership) 
  8. Searches (total searches, most popular search words)

News performance report - example

  1. News (total in channel, total produced, per editor) 
  2. News reach % (employees reading news out of total visiting frontpage) 
  3. Old vs. new news read (total, % of total)  
  4. Average news read per employee  (most visiting countries by functions)
  5. News performance (visited by +50% of target group) 
  6. Comments incl. replies and likes (total, % of total)  
  7. Average comments incl. replies and likes per employee
  8. Most visited day and time (how, low, average per day)