Web Performance Indicator

We save intranets from being usability nightmares 

We do this by improving the day-to-day usage of intranets by rethinking standards for content and helping decision-makers finding out what is most critical. Our starting point is usually the same: How much content should you clean-up? How many editors do you have? What is your potential reach for news? 

These questions asked by editors and digital workplace managers lead to a requirement for detailed analytics of the following categories: Views and visitors, traffic pattern, content life cycle, target group, and engagement.




it admins - take control of content

WPI provides governance compliance and control of the solution foundation. Super Users can use our API to create custom dashboards through PowerBI or similar.

  • Implement content management standards

  • Get an overview of all your sites, pages, documents

  • Get an overview of admin, editor, visitor actions

  • Map content without ownership, broken links, etc.

  • Automate compliance measures through WPI trigger-based notifications

  • Monitor what is not in use


internal communications - lead by numbers

WPI provides baselines on key objectives such as geographical or functional reach or engagement of content by device. Once a year, we invite all our customers for a yearly benchmark workshop to compare performance levels.

  • Measure news reach by functions and geographies

  • Measure engagement across devices and channels

  • Find out your strongest and weakest areas of adoption

  • Learn which areas are used the most

  • Monitor adoption on specific areas such as keywords, feeds, campaign, etc.

  • Compare KPI's against peers in our yearly Benchmark Workshop


editors - identify your strengths. discover your weaknEsses.

WPI provides all sites, documents, pages with a red, yellow, or green score to indicate what is performing good or bad. The score helps editors focus their efforts and keep traction on the impact of their actions. Each site, page, document on the entire intranet get their own WPI dashboard.

  • Use the Performance Score to get a quick overview on 'call-to-action'

  • Find out how well your site, page, doc is performing compared to others

  • Find out which of your pages are should be promoted, considered or deleted

  • Learn which countries and functions use your content the most

  • Discover the potential reach of your target audience

  • Get help improving your analytics capabilities through quarterly training offered by Wintra.