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We provide new standards for digital workplace performance and have designed a product Web Performance Indicator that brings them to life.


Who we are 

We are data scientists with a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in private and public sectors create the most value from data.

We provide tools, knowledge and skills to help organizations make a difference through actionable insights - across functions and geographies, from top to bottom.

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We work the way you do

Our product, Web Performance Indicator, is tailored to each customer when it comes to defining the scope for reporting (sites, pages, documents, news, team sites, video, mobile) - and building the business case (content migration, SharePoint utilization, end-user adoption, editor empowerment). However, our starting point is usually the same: How much content should you clean-up? How many editors do you have? What is your potential reach for news? 

We start by looking at the clean-up potential for eliminating unmodified and not visited content. We also target content with broken links and without ownership. We combine these qualifiers in our 'Performance Score', which gives each site, page, document a number between 1-10. The score is colored green, yellow or red to indicate whether content should be promoted, considered or deleted. In average, Web Performance Indicator eliminate 40% of content during the first year of implementation. We call it Automated Digital Housekeeping. 


about web performance indicator

"I have worked with  SharePoint for a long time, but I am not a technical person at all, and I have always missed a simple easy-to-use statistics system - this is more than I could have dreamed of! I am so happy! I have never seen such a crystal clear and easy to understand system. It is fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

Editor, Novo Nordisk

Our Impact



years in business 

...and so far, we have never lost a customer. We initially developed our product, WPI, as a user-friendly interface build-on on top of other analytics products. Today, we have become a one-stop-analytics-shop for the digital workplace, encompassing all digital channels and devices. 



users tracked every day

We track all visitor and editor actions every single day. In average, 50% of active editors in each organization use our product on a weekly basis. The most used metrics is 'No. of visitors' followed by our 'Performance Score'. 



Docs and pages analyzed daily

Every day, we analyze all sites, pages, documents for all our customers. In total, that  gives actions analyzed per year.